The Russia's leader in development of environment protection related software

Integral Ltd. was founded in 1990 on basis of the North-West Department of the USSR Academy of Sciences. The basic activity of the company is development of software that solves a wide range of tasks in the sphere environment protection. 

Today the Ecologsoftware is holding the leading position at the environment protection software market. Among our users are thousands of organizations in Russia and abroad, including local environmental protection authorities, municipal and regional administrations, scientific, design and educational institutes, industrial enterprises etc. 

At the bottom of the success our products are the following factors:

  • High quality of the software

Our programs are easy to learn and use and have a friendly interface.

  • Compliance with the Regulations

All programs implement only the normative methods and undergo numerous tests at the country's leading scientific organizations. The most authoritative scientists and practical specialists participate in development of our products. 
Our new program never enters the market until it is properly tested and approved.

  • Profitable terms of purchase and support

Our permanent clients enjoy privileged prices. Flexible discounts and special offers. 
Customer support is free with no time limitation. 
We offer a wide range of training courses for our users.
Phone & Fax: +7 812 7401100
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15-B 4-th Sovetskaya str. Saint-Petersburg 191036 Russia
ICQ #471-490-073

Котельные-ТЭС 2.1
Стоимость 14900 ₽. [Добавить в корзину]

Программа «Котельные-ТЭС» предназначена для расчета максимально-разовых и валовых выбросов вредных веществ от паровых котлов паропроизводительностью от 30 т/ч и водогрейных котлов мощностью от 35 МВт (30 Гкал/ч). Программа основана на: Методике определения валовых выбросов загрязняющих


Фирма «Интеграл» 
Главный офис в Санкт-Петербурге 
191036, Санкт-Петербург, 4-я Советская ул., д. 15 «Б»
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Многоканальный тел.: (812) 740-11-00 
Факс (812) 717-70-01 
Прямой московский номер: (495) 221-08-56
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Представительство в Москве 
117105, Москва, 1-й Нагатинский проезд, д.6, комн. № 408(4 этаж) 
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Телефон/факс: (499) 611-03-38


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